Concerto in D

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Composer: Albinoni, Tomaso
Arranger: Schultz, Erik
Trumpet w/ Organ
Found on Erik Schultz's critically acclaimed Music for Trumpet and Organ Volume 2, this concerto is a spectacular showpiece for the piccolo trumpet. A beautiful piece of music combined with Mr. Schultz's flawless interpretation has made this piece a standard. The Allegro opening provides opportunities for Mr. Schultz and Mr. Overduin's brilliant ornaments to augment Albinoni's writing. The melancholy Adagio allows the soaring trumpet line to entwine with the various registrations of the organ. The final Allegro is truly the highlight of the piece and Mr. Schultz has extended the final section to allow for a breathtaking finale taking the soloist to the last figure which ends on a high D concert.
Duration: 6:50

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Category:Solos, Solos w/ Organ