Early One Morning

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Composer: Traditional
Arranger: Marlatt, David
Scored for British Brass Band
Early One Morning is a beautiful lyrical folk song that could be used as a band warmup or a contrasting piece on a concert program on at a festival. It starts quietly, off in the distance, then the melody enters in the low voices and gently builds. The haunting melody flows throughout the ensemble and comes to a peaceful close.
Flexible Junior Brass Band Series
This series allows the maximum in flexibility for developing brass musicians in the British Brass Band tradition. Each composition or arrangement has 6-7 unique parts with various percussion. Each part has several different transposition options. This allows for performance with as few players as 7 or performance by a full band instrumentation. The range, endurance and technical demands are all carefully considered when writing for less experienced players.
Duration: 2:55

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